Ever done something stupid while you were horny?


Help! I am REALLY horny! is a highly interactive adventure dating game were you color the tale along the way in unforeseeable ways through your choices and your dick slapping and tit swinging inputs.

You wake up on a Friday, hornier than you have ever been before, which makes you unable to concentrate on anything else than sex. Sunday is your parents’ silver wedding anniversary and you have not yet written the anniversary song you promised. Therefore, you have to go on a noble quest to make yourself un-horny, so you can write the song and not yet again disappoint your parents.

– Play either as a dick or pussy, who is either into dancing with the other sex or the same sex.

– Lots of cute, dancing genitals.

– 30% chance you will experience two bad fart jokes.

– Designed for multiple playthroughs for the REALLY horny ones.

– Explore your own lust with your friend between your legs.

– 110% chance you will end up making some decisions that your mommy will not be proud of.

What happens after the game has been released?

First off, thank you for asking. We will make at least one free story DLC that happens outside the main story, and we have plans for more. But, let us be honest, the more games we sell early on, the more free story DLCs we can make.

About Professional Villains

Professional Villains is a small indie studio that focus on creating interactive, story driven games. Our lead designer and writer have a master in interactive dramaturgy and has worked in the field of film and theater in addition to games. We use knowledge in different fields to create new video game dramaturgies.

Extra good stuff for articles

Help! I am REALLY horny! is loosely based on a Danish youth play about lust. Through humor, the piece talks about how it is not always fun to be horny and how we sometimes do things while we’re horny that we later regret doing.

Help! I am REALLY horny! takes design inspiration from three areas – adventure games, dating sims and theater.

But where adventure games often only have one solution to a problem, there is always several solutions to a problem in Help! I am REALLY horny! This helps to create a better narrative flow, which many fine adventure games struggle with.

Where dating sims often consist of static images, there is a lot of movement in Help! I am REALLY horny! This makes the world seem more real and the dates more complicated in a good way.

The reason for all this comes from our third source of inspiration, theater. Many interactive plays use games as part of the performance. Here, it is not about winning or losing, but about the feelings the games can give the audience. In the same way we are always thinking of what we want the player to feel in a given sequence in the game. It always depends on where in the story we are. We are designing various small challenges and quest in our game with this in mind.

Fact Sheet

Developer: Professional Villains, Denmark

Genre:  Interactive adventure dating

Platforms: Windows PC

Release: Early 2020

Game Modes: Single-Player

Email: contact(at)professionalvillains.com

Website(dev): www.professionalvillains.com

Twitter (dev): @prof_villains

Twitter (game): @_Horny_Games