Security: The horrible nights

Every time you die, a new story begins. You are the nighttime security guard at a hospital. Your job is to monitor the hospital and fix problems when they happen. Every night, a new horror tale will unfold. If you can survive enough nights, you will learn the truth behind all the horror.


The game only saves when you die. Every time you die, something changes. Every change is based on where and how you died. Go on an epic adventure only equipped with your trusted shotgun, your wit and your strong stomach for disturbing exploration. Can you survive a night at the bar, Anglerfish?


The ER: Patient Typhon

An atmosphere and exploration horror game with a light level of deadly action and disturbing, environmental puzzles. You must unravel the dark secrets behind why patients are dying of strange diseases and how you lost your arms.

Hunting Huber

Hunting Huber is a mini open world horror, where you are hunting a werewolf.

You are the new intern at Easy Allies. On your first day you have to go deep into a dark forest. This is just the beginning of a horrible first day.

Help! I am REALLY horny!

Have you ever done something really stupid and very shortsighted, while you were horny? Something you would never even concider doing, had it not been for your overwhelming lust?

Help! I am REALLY horny! is an interactive, story-driven game that lets you explore all the stupid things we sometimes do when lust kicks common sense out of the head.

The ER

A short horror experience made as part of a research experiment.

The night Christmas ended

Get into the Christmas spirit with the world's biggest goblin in a blast from the past, 2D arcade shoot 'em up.

Fight evil pet pinetrees from Siberia.

Air-battle on a deadly, pooping Rudolph.

Float around in space and much, much more crazy stuff.